About us

The Trakai Public Library was established in 1940, and today it is an important centre of social and cultural life. The childrenʼs literature section was established at the Trakai Public Library in 1977. The library also has 15 branches in the districtʼs cities and villages. The libraryʼs services are used not only by residents of the district, but also by guests from other areas of Lithuania and from abroad. A collection of nearly 240,000 documents is available. 

One of the libraryʼs main activities is organisation of events and exhibitions. Each year, we offer visitors more than 600 events, including educational programmes, creative workshops, book presentations, film viewings, concerts, exhibitions, lectures and so on. The childrenʼs literature section invites visitors to “family mornings”, in which moms and dads with their kids, and grandparents with their grandkids can have a fun time together, spend time together, watch cartoons or simply listen to fairy tales. Various educational activities take place for our littlest readers once a month. Children can also join the libraryʼs theatre, in which the little actors prepare performances and develop their acting skills.